AdvancedLinguisticsSearch 1.4

May be used to perform advanced full text searches on Adobe® PDF
1.4 (See all)

When installed as a plug-in to either the free Adobe Reader® or the priced Adobe Acrobat®, the IBM Advanced Linguistic Search Plug-in for Adobe provides the following functions, over and above the existing search/find functions natively provided by Adobe:
Searches are linguistic in nature (i.e. morphologically based).
For example, a search term of "old" will produce a results hitlist of all PDF topics in which any of the terms "old", "oldest", "older" or "elder" appear
Selecting any topic in the hitlist displays the topic with all occurrences of the search term and/or its linguistic derivations highlighted
The end user may specify whether topics in the hitlist should be listed in either sequential order, or in ranked (based on significance) order
The end user may specify whether the search scope should consist of topic titles, topic contents, or both
The end user may specify whether search term matching should be exact with case sensitivity, exact without case sensitivity or fuzzy (i.e. morphological)

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